High Accuracy Pressure Sensors

High grade packaged pressure sensors where NLH&R better than 0.15% is important. Used mainly for test, R&D and high end OEM requirements. It is important to note that some sensors include errors for temperature effects which has a significant impact on the overall performance.

  1. Accuracy < 0.1%

    Highest accuracy sensors offering excellent long term stability and TEB (Total error band) of 0.25% including temperature effects. Generally used in research, laboratories and military type applications, some having Hazardous area approval. Ranges start from 50 mBar to 700 Bar absolute or gauge reference.

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  2. Accuracy >0.15%

    Used mainly for mid volume OEM/Industrial or military type applications. All have optional electrical connectors from Mini DIN, cable, packard etc and outputs mV/V, 4-20mA, 0-5V amplified configured off the data sheets. Some units come with Hazardous area approvals.

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