Differential Pressure Transducers

Differential pressure transducers for either gas &liquids. PCB or Board mount sensors used for air and gasses are available in either mV, amplified 0.5-4.5V, and I2C or SPI digital interfaces. Sensors for liquids available as a sensing element, or fully packaged with mV, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V options as standard.

  1. Differential Pressure for General Industrial

    Suitable for either Test & Measurement or OEM use on gas or liquids. These are threaded units starting from 0-1 PSI or 0-70mBar differential pressure. Output options include 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V as standard.

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  2. Heavy Duty Differential Pressure Transducers

    Fully packaged units mV, 4-20mA, 0-5 or 0-10V output which are used for high cycle duties or high common mode pressures. Mechanical over travel stops are used for resistance to pressure transients and pressure hammer.

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  3. HVAC pressure sensors

    Ultra low pressure sensors mainly aimed at HVAC or refrigeration market for gas flume or similar applications. Ranges start from 0-50 pascals and upwards, offer voltage or 4-20mA in bi-directional or uni-directional format.

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  4. OEM Amplified Differential Pressure Transducers

    These are the latest generation, using piezo resistive technology offering superb performance in a low cost package. Amplified output reduces the need for additional electronics. Ranges start from a low pressure of 0-2" WC to 0-150 PSI

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  5. OEM Digital Differential Pressure Transducers

    Latest design MEMs or piezo resistive sensing elements, these devices for gas or air start at 0-2" WC to 0-150 PSI. Available in 14 or 24 bit SPI or I2C digital interfaces.

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  6. OEM mV Output Differential Pressure Transducers

    Options of ether PCB or board mount or media isolated o'ring sealed diaphragm types for liquid use. Board mount options have current or voltage excitation and temperatures to 125 Deg C. All are temperature compensated. Ranges start from 0-5" WC to 300 PSI for the board mount and liquid version 70 mBar to 30 Bar.

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