Data Acquisition Systems

  1. All In One Data Acquisition Chassis

    All In One Data Acquisition Chassis

    Model: Dewe
    • Highest channel density
    • User exchangeable TRION ™ modules
    • Analog, digital, counter, CAN inputs
    • Selectable resolution 16 or 24 bit

    All In One Data Acquisition Chassis

    Most compact, includes powerful i7 computer, brilliant display and keyboard, touchpad. Most convenient for all mobile applications like inspecting facilities, rotating machines, test stands, power generators, electrical machines, buildings, vehicles, aircrafts, trains, and anything else.


    User exchangeable DAQP/HSI modules
    Selectable sampling rates from 50 kS/s up to 10 MS/s
    Selectable resolution 16, 22 or 24 bit


  2. Main Frame Chassis

    Main Frame Chassis

    Model: Dewe-Main-Frames
    • Highest channel density
    • User exchangeable TRION™ modules
    • Analog, digital, counter, CAN inputs
    • Selectable resolution 16 or 24 bit

    Main Frame Chassis


  3. Trionet


    • GBit Ethernet & USB3 interface to your tablet/laptop/workstation PC
    • Distributable, up to 100 m between two nodes
    • Modular, 2 slots for TRION™ modules
    • Touch display with status information



    Analog, digital and counter signals, plus CAN bus, timing and GPS data directly to TRIONet via TRION™ modules
    Data and SYNC interfaces to daisy-chain multiple TRIONet front-ends
    More sources, like video, can be connected to your host PC or DEWETRON system


    DEWETRON's turnkey software OXYGEN

    Please call our Data Acquistion Team to discuss your requirements.

  4. Power Analyser

    Power Analyser

    Model: Power Analyser
    • Real drive and test bench application
    • Multiple power analyzer in one instrument
    • Ultra flexible channel configuration
    • CAN interface for automotive and test bench link

    Power Analyser


    Isolated high voltage & current inputs
    Internal power supply for current transducer and TEDS support
    Basic and advanced power parameters
    High performance auxiliary inputs
    (e.g. torque, speed, vibration)
    CAN interface with input and output function
    XCP via LAN
    High number of mid speed inputs for low dynamic signals (e.g. temperature)
    GPS synchronisation and positioning
    Analog output



    Flexible configuration of multiple power groups within one DEWETRON Power Analyzer. Each power group is independent from each other to make measurements in multi-phase power systems in combination with DC links.

    In addition, special electrical engines with up to 7 phases can be analysed. The high accuracy of the analog signal processing continues with the precise calculation of all the power parameters.



    The battery option of the DEWETRON Power Analyzer enables new possibilities for real drive test and test bench applications as well. With additional accessories like GPS receiver, motion and vibration sensors, you have a turnkey solution for analysing electric vehicles and engines behaviour with only one instrument.

    Test bench interface via RS232 or TCP/IP is provided to link the power analyzer to a testbed for automated measurements. The open AK-protocol or native interfaces for AVL PUMA Open and DT2 are supported. In addition, all processed data can be provided via CAN.

    Results can be recorded from mapping tools to get immediate feedback.

  5. TrendCorder


    Model: Trendcorder
    • Modular and flexible 
    • Sychronisation of all inputs:  analog, digital, video, CAN, GPS, etc
    • 32 channel + expansion
    • Instant logging from start-up


    A whole new level of simplicity makes set-up and operation faster and more intuitive than ever before. MULTI-TOUCH gestures like pinch and zoom make the TrendCorder as easy to use as your smart phone. Finally, an amazing chart recorder replacement with world-class DEWETRON precision and reliability - at a great price

  6. 10-Channel handy-type logger

    10-Channel handy-type logger

    Model: GL220


    • 10 isolated channels, with multifunction inputs
    • Maximum sampling rate of up to 10ms
    • 2GB Flash memory
    • Ring memory function

    10-Channel handy-type logger

    Its compact size contains an isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by inputs to other channels, thus eliminating wiring concerns. The GL220s multi-type inputs are suitable for voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse, and logic signals, enabling combined measurements of different phenomena like temperature/humidity and voltage.

  7. Isolated input, multi-channel logger

    Isolated input, multi-channel logger

    Model: GL820


    • Modular system allows expansion up to 200 channels
    • All channels are isolated, each with multifunction input
    • 2GB Flash memory
    • PC -friendly, supports USB memory

    Isolated input, multi-channel logger

    This product contains an isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by inputs to other channels, thus eliminating wiring concerns.
    The GL820s multi-type inputs are suitable for voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse, and logic signals, enabling combined measurements of different phenomena like temperature/humidity and voltage. 

  8. High speed isolated 4-channel logger

    High speed isolated 4-channel logger

    Model: GL900-4


    • Multifunction input on four isolated channels
    • High-speed simultaneous sampling
    • 16-bit resolution
    • 5.7-inch color LCD
    • Can be used as an X-Y recorder 

    High speed isolated 4-channel logger

  9. High-speed isolated 8-channel logger

    High-speed isolated 8-channel logger

    Model: GL900-8
    • Multifunction input on eight isolated channels
    • High-speed simultaneous sampling on 8 channels
    • 16-bit resolution
    • 5.7-inch color LCD

    High-speed isolated 8-channel logger

    An easy-to-use upright device enabling isolated 8-channel multifunction input, the GL900 is capable of performing high-speed simultaneous measurements of voltage, temperature, and various other phenomena.