OEM Sensing Capsules for Pressure Measurement

Oil filled pressure sensing capsules for gauge, absolute of differential pressure measurement.

  1. Amplified

    Amplified 0.5-4.5V sensing element. 0-1 to 0-150 psi (70mBar to 10 Bar) ranges.

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  2. Differential Pressure

    Wet/wet differential sensing elements, some have process thread options. Fully packaged search for D5100.

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  3. Digital SPI/I2C output

    14 or 24 bit resolution sensing elements with low power consumption. Material 316L stainless steel.

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  4. High Pressure 70 bar+ (1000psi+)

    Pressure capsule in a compact 9mm size, capable of 700 bar gauge or absolute.

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  5. mV Output

    Oil filled capsules with mV output. Fluid fill options available

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