A Resolution Breakthrough in Vibration Measurements


A Resolution Breakthrough in Vibration Measurements

The Model 4807A accelerometer is a true breakthrough in vibration measurement. The accelerometer has a measurement threshold that is an order of magnitude lower than its competition - a full 98dB of resolution.

In mission critical applications, such as sensing minute motion on a spacecraft or vibration monitoring in precision lithography systems, Model 4807A allows you to detect nuances that you might have missed with other lesser DC accelerometers.

The hermetically sealed accelerometer offers an amplified analog output and measurement ranges from+/-2 to +/- 200g. The unit features gas damped Silicon MEMS technology capable of measuring from DC up to 1,500Hz. Built-in mechanical overload stops protect the sensor from shock up to 5,000g.

A patent pending Auto-Zero function allows the user to minimize zero offset at the output on command.

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