StrainSense supports Progressive on new sports bra design



The Challenge

Progressive are a Sports research and design company based at Loughborough University's Sports Technology Institute. They wanted to measure the tension exerted by sports bra straps and underbands so that the 3D motion testing of the garments could be normalised. Without a suitable product available on the market to help them do this Progressive required a bespoke solution.

The Solution

Working with StrainSense, the team developed a small hand held strain gauge that enabled quick handheld measurements to be made during testing. Using a digital ossiliscope to display the results adjustments to each bra could be made in real-time.

The Results

The bespoke solution has enabled Progressive to improve the quality of its testing and findings to a level that previously had not been possible. Ross Weir, Innovations Director of Progressive comments “Working with StrainSense to develop a bespoke solution meant that we could use the testing results to develop a product that met our customers’ needs.”

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